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Industry News

This section will keep you updated with latest news buzzing the bags industry. This section is updated from time to time to provide you with latest news.

  San Francisco Charges for Shoppers Bags

San Francisco may become the first city in the nation to charge shoppers for grocery bags. The city's Commission on the Environment is expected to ask the mayor and board of supervisors Tuesday to consider a 17-cent per bag charge on paper and plastic grocery bags. While the goal is reducing plastic bag pollution, paper was added so as not to discriminate.



  Revolt against Plastic Bags

Now a revolt is occurring as many nations tackle mindless plastic bag over-consumption and resulting pollution. Since March 2002, Irish supermarkets have been charging a mandatory .15 cent tax on each new plastic bag. The tax was introduced to curb the major litter problem created by disposable plastic bags marring the landscape so treasured by the Irish and tourists alike. Shoppers have adjusted quickly and have welcomed the move, arriving at stores “pre-armed” with bags. Superquinn, one of the largest grocery chains, says the number of bags it distributes has dropped by 97.5%. The UK is now considering implementing a similar plan. Other countries already implementing or considering legislation to control plastic bag pollution include Bangladesh, India, Singapore, South Africa and Taiwan.




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